Apushi was born in Colombia from an idea between friends. Multiculturality is part of who we are as a brand and is an endless source of learning for our team.

We are a team united by a common origin and values. Responsible consumption and education based on respect and freedom of movement drive us to innovate to become the new standard in the baby clothing industry. We want the Apushi sizes, with only 3 sizes for the first 24 months of life, to become the new standard used by all brands that today offer 6 or 7 sizes for this period.

The first 24 months, is the period of life where growth is most important, it is difficult to create clothes that adapt to this speed of development of babies, but we are sure that if all companies think of ways to produce less and better, we can achieve incredible goals. We made the decision to manufacture in Colombia out of love for our origin and commitment to the economic and social development of our country.

Our quality standards are high and the manufacture of our garments with Apushi-tech mechanisms requires expert hands. Colombia is a leader in the textile and clothing manufacturing sector in Latin America and we have found partners who meet our quality standard while remaining competitive.

Our country bears with dignity the weight of its history to flourish in an incredible way in various sectors and we want to be ambassadors of this flowering.

At Apushi, we wear the MADE IN COLOMBIA stamp with great pride.

The story and the team

“Never two without three”, they say in France, and I can affirm it since a similar adage exists in my native Colombia: “The third attempt is the good one” and that is indeed the number of trials it took for Apushi to see the light of day in its current form.

My name is Angélica and it was during my MBA in Spain that the idea of ​​a new design for baby clothes, more eco-responsible and more suited to the needs of mums and dads, germinated. Back in Colombia after hearing the same sentence from many friends: "Baby clothes don't last at all, what a waste!" , the project was launched with two friends and even won an innovation and entrepreneurship prize.

The name “Apushi” then emerges. Meaning “Family” in the Wayuu language (language of La Guajira region of northern Colombia), it evokes the sweetness, tenderness and emotion that characterize our project. But in 2017, the idea stops for the first time, because the priorities of the team have changed on an individual scale.

In 2019, with my friend Ana, a textile engineer, we put the subject back on the table and resumed the project. Together we investigated, studied and made many prototypes with several models and different babies and parents to choose the first collection that gave birth to Apushi. However, it was that year that I came to settle in France, so I had to put Apushi aside again to refine my personal projects.

It was finally in November 2020 that the project materialized with a first “Despertar” collection. The health crisis and my pregnancy that year slowed down the pace planned for 2021, but this obstacle will finally be the opportunity to think more about the second collection.

We decided to recruit a new member in our team to improve the design and adapt it to the European market, and that's how Natalia joins our team. Natalia is a fashion designer specializing in children's clothing, she is Colombian and has lived in Lyon since 2019 like me.

We are united by a love of innovation and the belief that there is a better way to produce and consume and are full of ideas to transform the world of baby clothes into a more sustainable one.

Apushi is finally on track and the year 2022 is finally that of development and adjustments: the designs are redesigned, the quality refined, the production better supervised and in October the "Alegria" collection is ready to be launched and continue the revolution. from our babies' closet!.

Our partners in the revolution of our babies' wardrobe

We work every step of the way with allies who share our commitment to responsible drinking and environmental and social sustainability.

We think there are some really cool things happening around the world across all industries and we love finding companies and organizations that are committed to responsible drinking. As a customer we promote responsible consumption and as a manufacturer we are sure of what we offer you when you buy Apushi evolutionary clothes that grow with babies, to use it with your baby or for the give as a gift.

We know the power we have as buyers is enormous, our choices are what shape the marketplace, so when choosing who to work with, we always look for suppliers and allies who share our values.