How Do We Grow?

Evolutionary Garments

Our products are designed to accompany the growth of your baby, maintaining functionality, safety and comfort at all times. All garments are made of a soft 93% hypoallergenic fabric cotton and 7% lycra. Lycra gives garments an extra stretch that combined with innovative details in the construction allows them to conform to the baby growth.


Arawala Body: 

The Arawala body, whose name means light in the Wayu language, reinvents a classic design when combined with an adjustable construction that adapts to the growth of the baby with honeycomb seams on the shoulders and sides that allow the garment to be enlarged according to size of each baby




Kashi Body


The Kashi bodysuit, whose name means Moon in the Wayu language, has a neck with an overlay design to facilitate posture and fit your baby's head and neck. Its innovative design has a channel on the sides and chest that allows easily picking up or releasing a strap that fits on the chest, to adjust the size of the garment to the size of each baby.


Taata Body: 


This body has an innovative design that seeks the comfort of your baby while makes diaper changing easy with a double row of snaps at the waist that additionally allow the garment to be adjusted to the baby's growth. Adjustable construction adapts to growth with a nest seam of bee located in the crotch that are stretched according to your need and the neck has an overlay design for easy posture and attach to your baby's head and neck. Like his name, which means Grandfather in the Wayu language, the Taata bodysuit takes care of the baby and gives comfort to the parents.


Juya Legging 

The Juya leggings have a double-width waist cummerbund that easily folds to accommodate different heights, depending on your baby's size. Additionally, it is easily adjustable trousers at the lower part of the legs with a soft drawstring and that in size 2 has a reinforcement on the knees for crawlers.

Juya, the name of our leggings, means rain in the Wayu language and has a sacred connotation of joy and celebration for a people accustomed to extreme weather conditions where Juya is a blessing like every baby.