Why Apushi

We believe in sustainable consumption as one of the keys for sustainability. It is the power of each individual when deciding the brands to buy and recommend  which allows us to guide the economy towards environmentally friendly pratiques.  We want to contribute to the creation of a collective conscience through the individual power of choice.

We design everyday clothing that allows the free movement needed for the baby’s motor skills development.  Our designs and materials are selected so that babies can discover and learn to use their bodies not just to look nice in pictures. 

Apushi is born to extend the lifecycle of products used during  the faster growing period of our kid’s life.  The footprint left in this world by our little ones shouldn’t begin with tons of waste.  Our garments and packaging is conceived to grow with the baby and last longer. 

 Our biggest commitment is with the care and comfort of your baby. Our clothing is 93% hypoallergenic cotton to prevent skin allergies, all the growing mechanism respect safety guidelines and the elasticity of the fabric allows free movement which is vital in the development of your baby