Pack Multi size: Onesie + Legging Size 1 and Body + Legging Size 2

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This pack comes with 1 Legging and 3 Onesies or Baby Rompers or Bodysuits (we prefer to call them Onesies :))

The Arawala Onesie has a special soft sewing on the shoulders that allows it to extend as the baby grows.

The Taata Onesie has a special soft crotch seam and double row of waist buttons to grow with the baby and to make diaper changing easier.

The Kashi Onesie has a soft ribbon inside lateral tunnels to adjust to the baby's size.

The Jemai Onesie has a special soft crotch seam and a double row of buttons at the waist to grow with the baby and facilitate diaper changes, plus it has long sleeves with built-in mittens ideal for when baby's hands are cold.

The Juya Legging size 1 and size 2, have a waist extension and adjustable leg ribbons to grow with the baby.

The Juya Legging size 2 also has reinforcements on the knees for the little crawlers.

All onesies and leggings are made with a high-quality fabric 93% cotton and 7% lycra that gives it an extra stretch but keeps it soft for the baby’s delicate skin.

Our colors are unisex, green, yellow and light purple for the Taata, Arawala and Kashi Onesies; Mustard, gray blue vert for the Jemai Onesie and all of them for the Juya Legging.  If you choose Multicolor (each item in a different color) we will select the colors according to availability, if you have a preference please write it in the comments box.